17. Cocktail of the Week: Tobacco Chic

The most infamous cigarette smokers on this planet have to be models, I mean we basically keep the cigarette business alive. One usually imagines a model smoking, whether they smoke cigarettes in real life or if they just are photographed smoking one. Nothing is more iconic than the image of a fashion model smoking while getting her hair & makeup done or a group of fashion models standing outside smoking cigarettes before or after a runway show.

This week’s honorary smokers are models and their drink will be called, The Vogue.

How to make “The Vogue”
you will need…
– Cointreau or Grand Gala
– Vodka of your choice
– Champagne of your choice
– fresh lime juice
– a splash of cranberry
– ice
Step One
First order of business would be to place ice into a cocktail shaker. Then pour 1 oz of Grand Gala or Cointreau into a cocktail shaker, for this recipe I personally would prefer to use Grand Gala since it is much sweeter than the Cointreau, the flavor is more candy-like. Then measure out 2 ounces of vodka, choose whichever brand pleases you (I have no preference since I think all vodkas taste relatively the same). Add as much cranberry juice as you please, but I would suggest not too much since we will be adding champagne to the drink later.
Next Steps
Then slice a lime in half & juice it, whether you keep the pulp or not is up to you. I always prefer to use fresh ingredients, especially in a recipe like this one.
other stepsAfter adding everything into the cocktail mixer, shake vigorously and then strain into a martini glass. Do not pour the ice into the drink because it will numb the flavors out.
The final product!
After pouring mixture into the martini glass, add champagne. As I mentioned earlier, the less cranberry juice you put in, the more champagne you will want to use & vice versa. After adding champagne adorn the drink with a ribbon of lime and serve this refreshing drink up!
Be careful with this recipe! The Vogue is as light and good looking as the supermodels who inspired it but actually carries enough liquor to put you to sleep.
Enjoy this one while you flip through the magazine of it’s namesake and enjoy your Marlboro Sky cigarette.

*credit to actor Ian J. Stearns who helped to create & perfect this original cocktail recipe

16. Healthy? Sure

When it came to putting together similes and metaphors for Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes I had a bit of a hard time coming up with something of quality. Yeah, I did have a few good ones but they were kind of cheesy. I just didn’t know which direction to go in except well…
Remember how we discussed failure and how it’s okay?
So this time I decided to fail & come up with a comparison so bad that it will blow you away!(pun intended)
Richard Simmons
So after reading this you probably are thinking to yourself, “how did I end up in this horrible place?”…let me tell you, it all began by being healthy.
I was trying to figure out how I could connect the dots between making a cigarette seem healthy, so no better way to do that than by hiring a health spokesperson to push the brand forward into a new direction. The great thing about health fanatics is that they seem to have this ever-present excitable energy to them, everything is awesome and makes you want to scream at the other person and tell them how awesome they are. Why do you think personal trainers spend all their time yelling at their clients?
With that in mind, it seemed like the perfect choice to place the ultimate health & workout guru at the forefront of the Marlboro Sky brand…Richard Simmons.
This little muscular man will be screaming his way & riling up thousands to even millions of people to the stores to buy the Marlboro Sky cigarettes. All these people will by the product in hopes of feeling as excited about life as Simmons does!
But we all know that it takes more than a cigarette to do that…but SHHHH! The masses don’t need to know that, all they need to know is that our cigarette is a vital part of their happiness.
Just try to picture it, Richard Simmons shimmy-ing violently at the camera screaming in between each intense breath…

Aren’t we all mighty Richard? If you’re not, now you can be thanks to Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes.