29. Cocktail of the Week: In the Garden

“Are you goin’ to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there,
she once was a true love of mine.”

Actors from way back in the day were not the only ones guilty of puffing away at their cigarettes relentlessly, rock and roll stars from the peak of America’s musical revolution were guilty as well! All rockstars came from the generation where smoking was seen as completely acceptable…along with LSD, Marijuana and anything else that would get you blasted.
The other day my iPod played one of the most famous Simon & Garfunkel songs ever, Scarborough Fair. A lot of rockstars from that era of music either died young (due to some kind of overdose) or have passed away recently. To those who are still alive, like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, their rock and roll lifestyles prevent them from still touring.
Simon And Garfunkel
According to Rolling Stone magazine, Simon & Garfunkel had to push back the dates to their 2010 reunion tour because Garfunkel’s vocal chords were strained from all the years of smoking. Artie’s voice has still yet to recover and fans patiently await as the two lyrical and folk super powers reunite again.
In the meantime, while you wait for them to set out their new concert dates why not make yourself a drink? This next cocktail will be dedicated to Art & Paul, and it will be called Scarborough Fair.

How to make the “Scarborough Fair”
you will need…
– Rosemary Simple Syrup
– Vodka of your choice
– 1 lime
– Club Soda/Seltzer Water
– or Champagne as an alternative
Step One
First you take 1.5 Oz of the vodka of your choice and pour it into a cocktail shaker. Then cut a lime in half and juice it and pour it into the mixer as well, leaving the pulp in the drink is up to you.
Step two
Then pour 1.5 Oz of the Rosemary syrup into the shaker. The syrup you see is home-made, you can buy rosemary syrup at the store but here at Casa del Gay (where I live) we prefer fresh ingredients; so my roommate made a fresh batch of Rosemary syrup and put it in this empty bottle of New Amsterdam that we had floating around. If you do not know how to make your own syrup and are interested in it, this website offers an simple recipe. The more Rosemary sprigs you put in it & the more you let it sit, the stronger the flavor.
Step three
After adding the first three ingredients, shake them in the cocktail mixer and serve them over ice in a collins glass. Then take about 1 Oz of seltzer water and pour it in the glass, add more water if you feel the drink is too strong. A sweeter alternative, which is one that I prefer, is to add champagne instead of seltzer water. The stronger your Rosemary syrup is then the more flavorful the drink will be when you add champagne.
Final product
After you have either added champagne or seltzer water, take the other half of your lime and cut a full slice out of it, then cut it down the middle. Place it on your glass and there you go! The perfect refreshing drink to have while listening to all your favorite classic folk-rock tunes.

The Scarborough Fair is a drink that can be enjoyed with a lovely Marlboro Sky e-cigarette; both things are light and refreshing, throw some Simon & Garfunkel on and your day will be set.


28. Making the official cigarette box

So after some careful thought I decided to go in a completely different direction & combine my two favorite color combinations. I combined the designs for box 1 & 5 and got this…
New Box design
this is what the new Marlboro Sky box design would look like! Nothing too crazy, simple but the cowboy boot design gives this box of electronic cigarettes a new kick (pun intended).
I went ahead and had my dog stand by the box so you can see how big it is.
Greta & Marlboro Sky
These three-dimensional model boxes are pretty big, but I like the idea of maybe throwing them into the furniture collection, we can give them to our clients so that way they can be posted up in bars & other various locations. I am pleased with the design of the box and I think it is fresh but does not stray too far from the original design of the classic Marlboro brand boxes. You can tell that it is still a member of the family.

27. Color combinations

So if you have been following my posts then you probably will notice that I have been slowly figuring out how to put together a new design for the Marlboro Sky cigarette box. Marlboro’s package design is a staple, and also indicates what kind of cigarette you smoke. The Marlboro Sky cigarette is indeed a completely different kind of cigarette compared to the rest, it is the first electronic cigarette released by Marlboro, making it the black sheep of the family. So we want the design to be different but not alienating, we want the Marlboro Sky cigarette to feel right at home with all the other blends.

The part that will help me finalize my decision on how to officially design the box will be what color combination I choose. I know for a fact that I want to use black, gold and sky blue but I am not sure in what way. Do I want the whole pack to be black, or do I want it to be blue? I also need to keep the box design compatible with the actual cigarette design.
I had a lot of ideas & possibilities in my head but it is a lot easier to make a decision once I materialize all of my thoughts.

Below you will see all the color combinations I came up with. They each have a designated number and under this picture you will find a description of each of them and how compatible they are with the designs from the previous post (post 26).
1) Design number one is a little out there, instead of having one color in the “V” area of the pack, we have two and these color contrast with the black. If I were to choose this color combination I would nix the cowboy boot design and keep the traditional Philip-Morris emblem. This first color punch seems appropriate for flashy italian mobsters like Lucky Luciano & John Gotti.
2) Design number two walks a fine line between flashy yet humble. I feel like with this design we could either put the cowboy boots on the box or just keep the classic PM Logo, it is pretty neutral. The only downside is that this design is reminiscent of the Blu E-cigarette box created by a different company. We really want Marlboro Sky to stand out and this box may not do the trick.
3) This box would be all black, no color on top. My plan would be to have the cowboy boot design in that bright blue color and the logo of Marlboro Sky in a strong solid gold color. This is more streamlined and really captures the idea that Marlboro Sky is a different member of the family. This design definitely would break from tradition.
4) This design is a bit “racy” and by that I mean, I added a gold racing strip down the middle. For this color option we would have the Cowboy boot design in black placed on the gold area and the Marlboro Sky logo would be placed underneath of it in the same color. This design would only work for the boot logo, it is innovative but definitely not too forward to ruffle feathers.
5) This box is more traditional, and would definitely be a better match for the boot design logo. It keeps the traditional elements of the Marlboro regular cigarettes, but by adding in the image of the cowboy boots we switch it up but not so much that it is a completely new package.
6) This packaging would work with either logo, but preferably the boot design. With gold all over and blue on top, this box of cigarettes really sets the tone. I think the gold establishes that this pack of e-cigarettes is the cream of the crop in the world of electronic smokables. It is obvious but not so much that it offends.

26. Arrangement…then colors

I already know how I want to make the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette look like, but the box has been a bit of a struggle and on going process…
So now that I’ve figured out what kind of font I could possibly use, I also went ahead and came up with a little design to put on the box of cigarettes. I went online and downloaded a prototype of a regular plain white cigarette box to use as a base for my design. Now I had come up with the colors I wanted to use for the box; black, gold, and blue.
When I sat down to make the official moves in creating the box I realized that I was feeling indecisive and frustrated . I just got really stumped and could not decide where to use the colors & it was because I had not decided which design I really wanted to use.
So I began fooling around and created some options & font/color combinations.

The first arrangement
So for this first prototype I left the word Marlboro in it’s original font, and then I made the Sky have the rope font. The circle in the picture represents where I would place the image of the boots (look at post 25), and the golden rectangle is where I would put the Philip-Morris Emblem. Now the color of the word Marlboro is subject to change, depending on if I want to make the whole cigarette black or if I want to keep it white. This box gives more space to be creative with the new cigarettes and still holds on to the traditional cowboy image that is synonymous with the brand.

The second arrangement
This second design is a lot more simple, I changed all of the words to be in the rope font, the only thing different would be the colors. The golden rectangle represents the Philip-Morris emblem and it would stay in the place that it has been for so many years. Since this packaging is so simple the pizazz would be based on where we place the colors and how we do it. I could make the pack completely black and leave the words in bright blue, or I could keep it white and have the top part of the pack (the “V” area) have multiple colors.

These two options are the best, I do not want to move the font around anymore because I feel like I would be tampering too much with the “classic” pack design. After mapping them out this way I can now make a better visual decision…but that does not mean I am ready to make my final decision and get started on the box. What I need to do is paint examples of where the colors would go.
My hope is to come up with several possible outcomes and then pair them with these 2 arrangements. The color combination that goes best with one of these design options will be the winner and from there I will create the new box of Marlboro Sky.

25. Making space on the box

If one were to look closely you would notice that most Marlboro packs have this emblem on them…

It is the Philip-Morris International Corporation logo, and it is on every single box of their product. No matter what kind of blend, this little gold number is one there. So since Marlboro Sky is a different kind of cigarette, I mean it is electronic, then I think it gives us some creative license to tinker with the placement of the emblem…if we want to put it in there at all.
In the previous post, I came up with a new font to put on our pack of Marlboro Sky Cigarettes. So if you like the rope font, then we can keep the gold emblem and just simply change the font. The pack would look a lot more simple and probably blend in with all the other packs.
What if you didn’t like the rope font and wanted to try something else?
In this case I tried figuring out what we could do if we kept the font traditional and minimized the emblem then place it somewhere else on the package, and use that empty space to place a picture of a cowboy or something like that.
So after sketching several ideas, this result turned out to be my favorite option…
Marlboro sky new sketch
So by placing the Philip-Morris emblem in a lower and smaller position on the box that gives us space to put the new Marlboro Sky design. I chose the cowboy boots with the hat hanging off of it for one main reason; it’s gender neutral.
Any male or female can wear a pair of cowboy boots and hat, it is not as audience specific as using the actual cowboy. I think this image is the easiest way to incorporate that rugged cowboy element into this new product. The font was left alone, none of the rope nonsense that we saw in the previous post. This was an aesthetic choice because I feel like if I would have put the rope font alongside the image of the boots…it would be just beyond overwhelming. We need to keep the Americana level up, but the stereotypical “Duck Dynasty” back woods country person out of it.
Less is more with this product, since this cigarette alone could be considered overwhelming. That leaves me with a few other things to think about when it comes to creating the new Marlboro Sky box. Sit tight because our next unresolved issue…the colors of the product.

24. Finding the “cowboy” in the brand

I really had a hard time making this product work with the idea of “the cowboy” because, like I established in my other posts, cowboy in the literal sense of the word is not a good selling point especially for this product.
So how can I make the cowboy come out? How can I marry the iconic image of the cowboy with this new cigarette?
I decided that it starts by working on the actual design of the Marlboro Sky box, which is something that I have been struggling with since the project has started. So my solution was to find certain elements of the classic Marlboro Cowboy and incorporate them into the Marlboro Sky box design. So first step in designing the box is the word that says Marlboro Sky.

That is key because once we get that logo going, we can tack it on anything that is involved with the brand or the product. So for the basis of the cowboy I started watching a bunch of my favorite old cowboy movies (no, no spaghetti westerns because I wanted to be inspired by genuine American cowboys…not the Italian made ones).
John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Paul Newmanthe list goes on, and on. With each and every movie I would write down certain things about cowboys & their style that stood out to me.

So here are the elements that stood out the most to me that could be used for the box design:
– leather
– fringe
– rope
– guns
– earth tones
– grit/grunge look to them (like a sweaty brow and a scruffy beard)
– broad square shoulders
– the cowboy boots (more specifically the pattern on the cowboy boots)

So my first attempt to make an improved Marlboro Sky logo & re-design the box was to pick one of these main elements and work it into the design. As soon as I thought of the rope, I realized most of the movies had a rope-like font in the credits. So I decided to tinker with a font program on my computer and came out with this…
Marlboro Sky
The cool thing about using this font is that we all know what the quintessential Marlboro font looks like, it is rigid, slim, and very stiff looking. In a lot of my posts I left the font for the word “Marlboro” alone but I made the font for the word “sky” different. I would use a font that was lighter, smooth and almost visually weightless. In this case I decided to change the font for both. The rope gives it that light flowing feeling that you get from the word sky, but still maintains that cowboy aspect that embodies the Marlboro brand so much.