5. Putting the pieces together…

Here is an example of what pieces from the furniture collection would look like if they were placed together. There is a sense of cohesiveness with these items, yet they still can stand alone without the other decor products.

Retro & classic styles are coming back, especially in interior design, fashion, and music. To an extent, the way you design your home gives an indication of the lifestyle that you live. My goal with this furniture collection is to point out that those who smoke Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes live a certain lifestyle; they are people who have all the modern technology we have today yet appreciate the quality and charm of the generations before us.

Cigarettes and cars are similar in the sense that your brand says something about your personality & the life you live. It’s just like that episode of BBC’s Top Gear where they are discussing they “type” of person who would drive a Jaguar and their lifestyle.
Same can be said about cigarettes, somebody who smokes Pall Malls is seen differently as somebody who smokes Lucky Strikes, and somebody who smokes Lucky Strikes probably has a different lifestyle than somebody who smokes Marlboro Sky.

This furniture collection helps exemplify the lifestyle a Marlboro smoker lives, more specifically, a Marlboro Sky smoker lives. This collection spoils our customers.


4. A furniture collection brought to you by Marlboro Sky: the decor items.

Now for some people, going out and buying furniture themed like a newly released cigarette may be little too intense.
So I figured maybe the collection could also offer smaller decor items in which people can hang on their walls. I would imagine that these items, would be geared more towards bar owners or people who have a bar in their house.

For this project, I decided to make a three-dimensional model of the classic red cigarette box for people to hang in their homes. Why the red box and not the newly designed Marlboro Sky cigarette box?
This specific item is more for those who are feeling nostalgic, this item is intended to draw the interest in some more. This item represents the “classic” element of Marlboro. It is essential to remind our clients that we are still the same Marlboro brand they have trusted for so many years; it serves as a reminder that not all of our cigarettes are going to turn electronic, you will still have your old option as well.

Watch out though, because in the near future the next item from the furniture collection will feature the newly designed Marlboro Sky box and this item will be able to do more than just hang on your wall…

3. A furniture collection brought to you by Marlboro Sky

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This week’s directive was inspired by Sarah Kay, and we were told to list things. While coming up with a new idea I remember how in class we discussed that Sarah Kay mentioned that when starting out you should “do what you know how to do.”

I know how to restore furniture. And so the story begins…
So many iconic American brands have come out with furniture collections or special edition house decor in honor of their anniversary or to celebrate a new item they are releasing. Brands like Barbie and Marvel have all done it, so why not Marlboro?
Retrophiliacs love the nostalgic feel Marlboro brings, it is an American classic. Marlboro Sky runs the risk of tampering with this classic Americana because it’s not really a pure cigarette, its technically a gadget.

The concept is to release a collection of vintage inspired furniture featuring the colors of the Marlboro sky cigarette; so you get that classic feel Marlboro fans look for, but open the door for them to accept the new look of this updated cigarette. We slowly want to butter up our clients by woo-ing them with fanciful furniture. If they like the Marlboro Sky decor, then why not try out the Marlboro Sky cigarette?
If you already like the Marlboro Sky cigarette, then why not indulge yourself in the fanciful Marlboro Sky decor?

How I restored the chair...

I went dumpster diving with my best friend Kevin. We found this horrible beat up desk chair in a back alley and fell in love; it was a diamond in the rough. With some work the chair could easily be brought back to it’s glory days.
Him & I carried the chair to his place and washed it down. The chair was covered in bird crap & the center seat cushion had burn marks all over the leather. The chair was also missing a wheel; so at that moment I made the executive decision to remove the remaining three wheels and reupholster the center part of the chair with all the burn marks.
After a trip to Lowe’s I chose paint colors that were very close to the classic Marlboro Red box, so the chair would be painted in red with gold accents, and the fabric would have red and white polka-dots. I wanted the chair to be vintage-quirky but still feel new.

After reupholstering, I sanded down the arms and legs of the chair and put on two coats of a shade called “Burning Bush.” I later added the gold accents on the wood and stitching. After all the paint had dried I added tassels to the side of the arms, the tassels helped bump the chair up from casual to sophisticated.

The final product resulted in a chair that has all of the colors of the newly released Marlboro Sky cigarettes; the soft faded sky blue alongside the classic red, white and gold. Hopefully this eccentric piece will bring back the novelty to cigarette smoking & spark an interest in the American public again.

2. A poem. . .


Men & Women 


Rarely stray from the

Lovely flavor our cigarettes have


Occasionally get bored

Resulting in our company to go on a quest to 

Offer something new to our loyal customers…


Sky cigarettes are our newest product, we created this electronic cigarette

Knowing that our loyal clients deserve the best, so…

You are very welcome. 

-Marlboro Sky

1. Taking a moment….

The Concept
You know that feeling when you arrive at the beach and take that first breath of sea in? Your airways fill the body with that humid scent of the ocean salt & you feel automatically peaceful.
As if the whole world has stopped, as if you were finally able to get away and find that peace you were looking for.

Smokers experience that same kind of feeling when they light up and have their cigarette of the day. That moment of escape fills the body with just one puff; everything is peaceful and you managed to get away without actually leaving.

My goal with this piece was to make the Marlboro Sky cigarette simple & somewhat mysterious. This ad does not tell you much about the electronic cigarette or all of it’s technical gadgets, but it does intrigue you. It also gives Marlboro a friendlier more relaxed image. So many people like to imagine Tobacco companies as aggressive sharks selling you cancer sticks, but I wanted to flip that image.
With this ad, Marlboro looks like your next ticket out of your hell-hole cubicle. Marlboro is seen as somewhat of a comforting friend who is helping you out in a stressful time of need.

Why Victor Hugo?
The Marlboro Sky cigarette is an electronic cigarette, so it happens to be on the pricier end. Since it is not a “safe” cigarette, due to the fact that it contains nicotine, that also bumps the price even higher. One could easily describe it as a sort of James Bond gadgety cigarette. So that means this product will more than likely be sold to a crowd that has a higher income & the renaissance lifestyle to follow it.

This cigarette is for the person who happens to live in the same apartment building as Jay-Z and Beyone live in. This person will go antiquing because they appreciate the finer things in life but also can afford to visit the Kentucky Derby and place bets galore. This is the person who will probably fly out from New York City to watch the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and then walk around Monte-Carlo’s historic sights in order to appreciate the architecture and post pictures on Instagram. This is the new sophisticate of our times.

This person has all the modern gadgets, yet appreciates the charm and quality of the old world.

The use of the Victor Hugo quote alongside the Marlboro Sky brand creates a sort of subtle juxtaposition between old world charm & new world technology driven lifestyles.