15. A Furniture Collection brought to you by Marlboro Sky: Strung Along

As I wrote in the previous post, I want to elaborate on making light fixtures that can be used in different settings. For this next project I was inspired by the big cities that are uniquely American. One of my favorite places for inspiration is Las Vegas, more specifically, the old STARDUST Hotel sign. There is something enchanting about all those little diamonds once they light up, not to mention, they kind of remind me of a lit up puff of smoke.
Another one of my favorite places for light-design inspiration would be New York City. Of course we all know NYC as “the city that never sleeps” especially with the amount of power it uses to keep those lights on all day & night. My favorite places to visit when I am in the city are the restaurants placed on the rooftops of most buildings, the W Hotel has a lovely outdoor patio…but my favorite would have to be the outdoor bar & restaurant on top of the Kimberly Hotel.
Not only are guests graced by NYC’s majestic lights, but there are also small light bulbs strung along the rooftop giving visitors enough light to see their menu yet not so much that they can’t enjoy the lighting of the city’s finest buildings.
So for this next project I chose to use another string of Christmas lights to complete my plan. These lights for sure won’t be strung across your Christmas tree! First order of business was to detangle them & make sure all lights were working and everything was in order. Then I had to tie them together with electrical fire-safe wires, why? Because the only lights I could find were icicle lights & I wanted them to look like a regular string of lights.
So after all of that I began cutting chunks of fabric using the Marlboro Sky colors. I would take those strips of fabric and tie them around the string of lights.

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After adorning the whole string of lights with strips of fabric, my next step was to grab a pack of actual Marlboro cigarettes & tie them along the whole light fixture. I did this by basically sewing the cigarettes onto the fire-safe area of the wires. I made sure not to put it near or on any of the actual light bulbs.
After that, I simply plugged the lights in and look how lovely it turned out!
Decorative Marlboro lights
If you look closely you can see all the little cigarettes hanging by the lights, I think it is a nice subtle way to incorporate the Marlboro Sky brand into a decorative setting.

We also keep trying to make Marlboro Sky romantic, so I decided to slap on some Nat King Cole music and make a video of how the lights look in detail. You can easily imagine these lights hanging above you at a lovely outdoor restaurant or even in your own backyard. You could place them any where and they would give you that romantic environment one desires from the brand.


14. A Furniture Collection Brought to you by Marlboro Sky: Light me up

As seen in my earlier posts, I am working on a collection of home decor that can be used to promote the Marlboro Sky Brand. Some pieces are for the home while others can be placed in bars or on porches and patios. So for my next two projects I am taking inspiration from the original Marlboro Man billboards.

These Billboards were set up in cities and usually featured a mechanical cowboy that would take a drag from his cigarette and puff out smoke, Camel & other brands also had elaborate ads like these, but all cigarette billboards had to be taken down in the late 90’s due to a lawsuit settlement. The last famous cowboy to be taken down was one in West Hollywood. The lawsuit was mainly targeted towards the Marlboro brand, so any trace of the old Marlboro ads are hard to find online.
My goal would be to bring back that warm feeling the lights give you by coming out with a few Marlboro decor items that light up!
So do you remember that huge three-dimensional box of Marlboro Reds I made?
Marlboro Box
Well I found a few old Christmas lights sitting around, half of the lights had blown out so my first order of business involved fixing the blown out lights.

After spending 30 minutes trying to figure out which light had blown out, I was able to get them functioning again. I flipped the big replica cigarette box on it’s back and then crammed all the lights into that tiny space.
Plenty of lights, little space
After arranging the lights to fit perfectly inside the box, I simply plugged the chord in and magic!
The Final Product!
Now this plain and boring box turned itself into a mini-Billboard of sorts. The light is reminiscent of all the Marlboro ads we used to see in Times Square, Las Vegas & Hollywood. Now one can easily recreate those advertising glory days right in the comfort of thine home.