43. Marlboro Country: Smokey the Bear would be proud

This post ties into my idea that I had discussed earlier about Marlboro creating travel guides & also creating a “Thank You for Smoking” guide, which imitates Jaguar’s Great Drives.
So for this installation I went on a very long adventure…in the countryside (clearly it took more than 45 minutes of effort to get out here). Now I chose to go out into the middle of bumfuck to prove a point; one would not really take a normal cigarette out to a heavily forested area. Cigarette butts run the risk of not fully going out & catching the rest of nature on fire. Now we have “fire-safe” cigarettes but those aren’t foolproof and not to mention, if you leave your cigarette butt out in the wild I am sure one of Mother Nature’s creatures would snack on it. Leaving the poor animal with a nicotine kick.

My goal is to show that the Marlboro Sky cigarette is not only safer for you, but it also is safe for nature and the atmosphere surrounding you. Birds don’t have to stuff their lungs while they inhale your heavy smoke.
Not to mention, the countryside is home to people who ride horses…who else rides horses? COWBOYS. It is a sort of spin on “Marlboro Country.” So we touch base with the original Marlboro idea but we don’t get too carried away with it, I am not going to take you to a honky tonk but I will most certainly take you for an adventure where you can enjoy your cigarette while staring at the beautiful rugged mountains.

Out adventure takes place at the Middleburg Goodstone Inn & Estate.

This estate is filled with many manor homes that span from the late 1700’s up until the 1930’s. Because of the age of these buildings most of them do not allow indoor cigarette smoking, they also do not allow outdoor smoking because the cigarette butts will harm the environment. One thing it does say though? Electronic cigarettes allowed regardless. People who stay here at the estate must sign a compliancy form agreeing to the terms of the grounds, and there is a section that discusses smoking and the type of cigarettes allowed. Marlboro Sky smokers would thrive here.

One could leave their little rental manor and head over to the garden to pick morning strawberries while enjoying a Marlboro Sky cigarette. Even my dog approved of the place (only because of the strawberry patch).
What really makes Goodstone unique and tie into the Marlboro Sky cigarette is the fact that is a place that our clients would like. You can easily imagine a cleaned up rebel taking their time here on the farm. Which is what Marlboro Sky essentially is when compared to the Marlboro classic cigarettes. Marlboro Sky is the refined rebel who still keeps up with all the things that go under the category of Americana, but yet holds keeps it up with a newer and more streamlined sense of adventure.
I think it is also important to show our clients that technology is actually not hindering nature, in this case, it is helping keep it clean.

Oh and on my last note…
They have llamas here.


42. The Wall – Step Two

The second part of my Pink Floyd inspired Marlboro Sky cigarette has arrived. As you can see, I have painted the face of the man blue; it is the exact same shade of sky blue that I use for my redesigned Sky cigarette box and logo. The goal is to show “him” breaking out of the normal concept of what a Marlboro cigarette is. Open your mind and take a look into what a Marlboro Sky cigarette can be.
The color palette probably looks familiar.
So for this first process I have to paint carefully because the paper I used to sculpt the three-dimensional face is very delicate, so I have to paint it, let it dry fully and then do the next layers.
The face.
One wrong move and the face could just sink in or get a hole poked through it. After painting several layers I need to wait a full day for it to solidify.
The directive for this week is to prove that things took more than 45 minutes, and this one project clearly takes longer than that. Each step is done while keeping in mind that certain of the materials I make working with need to “set” for a bit before being completely useful.
So for this post, after letting the first layer of paint dry, each layer will contour the sculpture to make it look more and more like the iconic face from The Wall.

My next goal is to now create what constitutes the “wall” which represents the traditional aspect of the Marlboro brand. Stay tuned…