47. Why people think smokers are idiots…

So taking the time to read this article took less than 45 minutes, of course, but you do not understand how long it took me to comprehend how stupid people can be. This article makes smokers literally look like jokers…


I think it definitely is important to pay attention to stupid news stories like these, especially when they take place in an area such as Texas where one could define that region as “Marlboro Country.”


45. “ZAAAP!”

My dilemma here is that when I teamed up with my partner, her and I decided not to draw anything, we found it more efficient to write things out because we preferred to get our thoughts out that way. We doodled but not much growth came from it. So in this next post I won’t be doodling, but I will in fact be finding doodles that relate to cowboys and the whole Americana ideal associated with Marlboro Sky.

As mentioned before, cigarettes are an emotionally driven product, most people smoke cigarettes and sift through their thoughts and emotions and whatever is bugging them that day.
One thing my history teacher said to me the other day that really stuck with me was that he had found a website that had all the Calvin & Hobbes comics ever created.
Calvin and Hobbes! Talk about the quintessential americana cartoon for kids, everybody read those comics, heck, I own four volumes of their collective comics.
Now for most people in America, no matter what age, those comics represent the “good times” when things in life were less complicated and a lot more simple because we read those comics when we were young, and that means we did not have to worry about taxes.
So I went through the comic archive to see any comic that could possibly serve as a metaphor between the relationship Marlboro had with Marlboro Sky…

For those of you who are not familiar with these two, Calvin likes to pretend that he is an astronaut and walks around shooting things with his lazer gun. Every time he pulls the trigger he exclaims “ZAAAAP!”
What makes this specific strip so funny & applicable to Marlboro and Marlboro Sky, is that he exclaims ZAP by default but then claims it is a caddle-prod. There are numerous cartoons showing Calvin & Hobbes playing, and almost always, at some point Calvin aims his lazer gun at Hobbes, and Hobbes has to correct him. It usually is in the form where Hobbes informs Calvin that cowboys don’t use lazer guns.
But now thanks to Marlboro Sky, they do! One could easily use Hobbes as a metaphor for the “classic” Marlboro Cowboy, while Calvin is the young and spritely Marlboro Sky cowboy.