31. Cocktail of the Week: Spaghetti Westerns

Do you know what a Spaghetti Western is? It is an a Western film made by a European, most of the culprits behind Spaghetti Westerns were Italian and they always were forcibly American. They tried so hard but did not really understand the concept of being “American” as in, they weren’t American and that lifestyle is something specifically for those who are a part of this country.

I will give them kudos for trying, so this next recipe is dedicated to the Europeans who tried to be American cowboys. Our drink is called “The Spaghetti Western.”

How to make “Spaghetti Western”
you will need…
– Sambuca
– Grapefruit
– gin
Take a martini shaker and fill it with ice, afterwards add 1 oz of Sambuca and 1 oz of gin, in this instance we used New Amsterdam because it is not too expensive but the flavor is absolute heaven (without paying the Hendricks price).
Then take half of a grapefruit and juice it into the martini glass. Do not add the pulp into this drink.
After shaking all ingredients in the mixer, serve into the martini glass.
Your drink should look like this; another name for this drink would be called the “Cherry Bomb” because it tastes just like cherry! Sambuca is an acquired taste and only can be used specific ways. I think this drink pays a great homage to those who have tried to be american but have not quite reached it. Maybe try smoking a Marlboro Sky? That I am sure would help.


30. Work trip

So for work I had to take a weekend trio to the city, and I definitely feel like New York City falls under the category of Marlboro Country. I know you won’t be rounding up cattle here, and you may not see many cowboys, but the city offers a different kind of “rugged” that you only see in America.
I think the Marlboro Sky brand embodies the urban type of “rugged,” while the classic Marlboro brand embodied more of the countryside aspect of the word rugged. Cities are always more technologically friendly, which would make total sense to push this electronic cigarette to those who dwell in concrete jungles. That does not mean we have to let go of all aspects that make up the Marlboro brand.
I also think that the New York City skyline is a great selling point for the whole “sky” aspect, because the city is kind of a dirty place, so why not help clean it up by smoking a cleaner cigarette that leaves no butt behind.
Just look at that shade of blue! Especially when it’s lit up by all the lights; it kind of embodies certain aspects of the cigarette.
On a random note, I got to visit a theatre & movie prop set and found this blue zebra chilling in one of the storage units.
NYC Zebra
This zebra kind of reminded me of the Sky brand, all other electronic cigarettes are like regular black and white Zebras. What if we show a picture of zebras standing out in nature with one Zebra that is completely blue like this one…it would be the Marlboro Sky zebra. It could say “stand out” or maybe something silly even. Something that pokes fun of Marlboro by itself, it could say “rebel without a cause.” I think thats pretty goofy, a blue zebra? Calling himself a rebel without a cause? It’s a new direction but it still could work.