51. Cocktail of the Week: too sexy

For the final installment of Cocktail of the Week, I am not going to dedicate this drink to a veteran smoker, but more to something that involves smoking. We all are familiar with the “after-love-making” scenes in movies, where they show the couple smoking cigarettes while wrapped up in sheets. A lot of times I notice very blatant product placement, like in Mad Men whenever Donald Draper, played by Jon Hamm, smokes his after-session cigarette he reaches for his pack of Lucky Strikes. From Camel, even to our beloved Marlboro, I have seen all brand names waiting on the side table.
So what if we stuck a Marlboro Sky cigarette in their hands? What would that do? I think it would help allow people to visualize this bizarre electronic cigarette as something that is just as useful as a regular cigarette. It is not just for those who are trying to quit, but it is for anybody who needs their nicotine kick but without all the hassle of buying packs regularly or inhaling that much pollution.

So for this cocktail of the week I am not inventing a new drink, I am going to show you how to make a classic drink in honor of the classic movie & television scene I just talked about..

How to make “Between the Sheets”
you will need…
– brandy
– Bicardi Rum
– Cointreau
– a lemon
So once you have gathered all of your ingredients, you will need to grab your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. The take 1 oz of Bicardi white rum, and 1 oz of Cointreau, and 1 oz of the brandy of your choice. In this case I chose to use Christian Brothers brandy, it is a nice mid-shelf liquor that neutralizes the other sweeter elements of the drink.
After adding the first three ingredients, take a lemon, slice it in half and juice it into the shaker. For this recipe, DO NOT add the pulp.
Shake all ingredients vigorously and strain into a martini glass.
Final step
Once you have strained the drink into a martini glass, garnish the drink with a little ribbon of lemon & there you go!
This drink is a sexy classic, just like Marlboro.

38. Cocktail of the Week: “I just can’t”

The theme for these next posts has been, “don’t suck” and so this next cocktail will not be dedicated to a veteran smoker, but more to those people who do not like white rum.

Why white rum?
My roommate does not like white rum much, dark rum is acceptable, but there is something about white rum that really throws him off. I will admit, the flavor of white rum is very specific and is not as versatile as the flavor of dark rum; you can only use white rum in very specific recipes, and if you get one ingredient off it ruins the whole entire drink.
While talking over dinner, my roommate and I discussed this dilemma and he seemed very distraught by how useless white rum could be.
“I mean, I don’t know, you can only make a limited amount of drinks with it and then afterwards you get bored. I don’t know, I mean, I just can’t…”
After pondering how he was going to finish his sentence he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders while announcing “white rum just sucks.”

It “just sucks”…
well how can I make it not suck?
So this lead me to come up with a recipe that was not very fruity, but definitely you want to drink while having a relaxing evening as you look up at the stars.

How to make the “Starlift”
you will need…
– Bicardi rum
– Wild Blue Premium Blueberry lager
– Cointreau
– Champagne of your choice
– lime
First few steps
First take a basic tumbler glass and fill it with ice, no cocktail shaker will be needed for this simple recipe. Then take 1.5 Oz of Bicardi Rum and pour it into the glass, follow that with approximately 3 ounces of Wild Blue (add more or less if you feel it is necessary). Then take half of a lime, juice it, and pour it into the drink. This will leave the drink tasting super tangy…if you prefer your drinks this tart, then leave it this way and do not add more.
If not…
Add a little bit of Champagne (brand of your choice) and then half a shot of Cointreau.
Final step
Then take a stir, the one here has a flamingo on it, if not you can use an umbrella (the little ones you put on drinks, not full sized ones of course) or any other one that you have, and mix all the flavors together. This drink is very simple and actually has a pretty neutral flavor. A decorated stir really takes it from basic to funky. Be careful though…this drink will sneak up on you…it consists entirely of alcohol except for the juiced lime.

The Starlift is a drink that has a radiant color reminiscent of the sky when it goes from sunset to full night; you will be able to star gaze and enjoy a Marlboro Sky cigarette comfortably on the beach.

29. Cocktail of the Week: In the Garden

“Are you goin’ to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there,
she once was a true love of mine.”

Actors from way back in the day were not the only ones guilty of puffing away at their cigarettes relentlessly, rock and roll stars from the peak of America’s musical revolution were guilty as well! All rockstars came from the generation where smoking was seen as completely acceptable…along with LSD, Marijuana and anything else that would get you blasted.
The other day my iPod played one of the most famous Simon & Garfunkel songs ever, Scarborough Fair. A lot of rockstars from that era of music either died young (due to some kind of overdose) or have passed away recently. To those who are still alive, like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, their rock and roll lifestyles prevent them from still touring.
Simon And Garfunkel
According to Rolling Stone magazine, Simon & Garfunkel had to push back the dates to their 2010 reunion tour because Garfunkel’s vocal chords were strained from all the years of smoking. Artie’s voice has still yet to recover and fans patiently await as the two lyrical and folk super powers reunite again.
In the meantime, while you wait for them to set out their new concert dates why not make yourself a drink? This next cocktail will be dedicated to Art & Paul, and it will be called Scarborough Fair.

How to make the “Scarborough Fair”
you will need…
– Rosemary Simple Syrup
– Vodka of your choice
– 1 lime
– Club Soda/Seltzer Water
– or Champagne as an alternative
Step One
First you take 1.5 Oz of the vodka of your choice and pour it into a cocktail shaker. Then cut a lime in half and juice it and pour it into the mixer as well, leaving the pulp in the drink is up to you.
Step two
Then pour 1.5 Oz of the Rosemary syrup into the shaker. The syrup you see is home-made, you can buy rosemary syrup at the store but here at Casa del Gay (where I live) we prefer fresh ingredients; so my roommate made a fresh batch of Rosemary syrup and put it in this empty bottle of New Amsterdam that we had floating around. If you do not know how to make your own syrup and are interested in it, this website offers an simple recipe. The more Rosemary sprigs you put in it & the more you let it sit, the stronger the flavor.
Step three
After adding the first three ingredients, shake them in the cocktail mixer and serve them over ice in a collins glass. Then take about 1 Oz of seltzer water and pour it in the glass, add more water if you feel the drink is too strong. A sweeter alternative, which is one that I prefer, is to add champagne instead of seltzer water. The stronger your Rosemary syrup is then the more flavorful the drink will be when you add champagne.
Final product
After you have either added champagne or seltzer water, take the other half of your lime and cut a full slice out of it, then cut it down the middle. Place it on your glass and there you go! The perfect refreshing drink to have while listening to all your favorite classic folk-rock tunes.

The Scarborough Fair is a drink that can be enjoyed with a lovely Marlboro Sky e-cigarette; both things are light and refreshing, throw some Simon & Garfunkel on and your day will be set.

17. Cocktail of the Week: Tobacco Chic

The most infamous cigarette smokers on this planet have to be models, I mean we basically keep the cigarette business alive. One usually imagines a model smoking, whether they smoke cigarettes in real life or if they just are photographed smoking one. Nothing is more iconic than the image of a fashion model smoking while getting her hair & makeup done or a group of fashion models standing outside smoking cigarettes before or after a runway show.

This week’s honorary smokers are models and their drink will be called, The Vogue.

How to make “The Vogue”
you will need…
– Cointreau or Grand Gala
– Vodka of your choice
– Champagne of your choice
– fresh lime juice
– a splash of cranberry
– ice
Step One
First order of business would be to place ice into a cocktail shaker. Then pour 1 oz of Grand Gala or Cointreau into a cocktail shaker, for this recipe I personally would prefer to use Grand Gala since it is much sweeter than the Cointreau, the flavor is more candy-like. Then measure out 2 ounces of vodka, choose whichever brand pleases you (I have no preference since I think all vodkas taste relatively the same). Add as much cranberry juice as you please, but I would suggest not too much since we will be adding champagne to the drink later.
Next Steps
Then slice a lime in half & juice it, whether you keep the pulp or not is up to you. I always prefer to use fresh ingredients, especially in a recipe like this one.
other stepsAfter adding everything into the cocktail mixer, shake vigorously and then strain into a martini glass. Do not pour the ice into the drink because it will numb the flavors out.
The final product!
After pouring mixture into the martini glass, add champagne. As I mentioned earlier, the less cranberry juice you put in, the more champagne you will want to use & vice versa. After adding champagne adorn the drink with a ribbon of lime and serve this refreshing drink up!
Be careful with this recipe! The Vogue is as light and good looking as the supermodels who inspired it but actually carries enough liquor to put you to sleep.
Enjoy this one while you flip through the magazine of it’s namesake and enjoy your Marlboro Sky cigarette.

*credit to actor Ian J. Stearns who helped to create & perfect this original cocktail recipe

7. Cocktail of the week: Here’s looking at you kid

Once a week I will come up with a cocktail in honor of a famous cigarette smoker. I have mentioned in my earlier posts that my intention is to create a sort of lifestyle that is associated with the Marlboro Sky brand. We want America to know that this is a completely new & different cigarette, but you can still depend on Marlboro like you always have been. My goal is to balance classic elements of Americana lifestyle and associate them with the new modern Marlboro Sky brand. So here we go…

This week’s honorary smoker is Humphrey Bogart & his drink will be called The Bogart

If you look to the left of your screen you will see an image of Humphrey smoking. Bogart not only was a legendary actor, he was also a legendary smoker. He helped create the archetypal image of a “smoker,” he was strong, calm, serious, collected, and handsome. He also was a legendary fan of alcohol. One New York City bar owner let Bogie leave his tab open for 18-months; that is how often he frequented the place. Enough random facts, now on to the good stuff.

How to make “The Bogart”
you will need…
– bourbon of your choice
– a bottle of Cointreau
– lemon juice
– ice

Take 2 oz. of the bourbon of your choice and pour them into a cocktail shaker. In this case we chose Evan Williams because it’s notes are sweeter and will compliment our next ingredient, Cointreau. Take 1 & 1/2 oz. of Cointreau and pour it into the shaker as well.

Then take a lemon and slice it in half, juice one half of the lemon and pour it into the shaker along with the other ingredients. You can choose to leave the lemon pulp out if you’d like but I prefer to keep it in the recipe since it adds a nice texture to the drink.
After adding all ingredients, shake vigorously and then serve over shaved ice.

Take a slice out of the other half of the lemon and place it on the rim and there you go…

The Bogart is the perfect summer drink to have. Put in your favorite Bogie movie and grab your pack of Marlboro Sky, because nothing goes better with The Bogart than a cool drag from your favorite cigarette.