54. Concrete Jungle

So the post I made previously, number 54, was aimed more towards those who live out in the rural areas. What about those who live in the city and smoke cigarettes? So I took one of the photos I had from when I went to NYC for the weekend, and tried to do the same thing but aim it towards a more urban environment.
Notice the difference between this image and the last?
Location of course is the obvious one, but even though they are basically the same routine, with this one I added “an electronic cigarette” as opposed to the other one.
I feel that people who live in the city are more gadget oriented and would be more open to the idea of finding a cigarette that they can smoke indoors. A lot of cities in the US have outlawed smoking indoors, so this would help lure them back in because we all know that electronic cigarettes are traceless and less offensive.
For those who live in rural areas, the idea of an electronic cigarette may be a bit too abrasive, so I think it would be best to let them find out themselves. People who live in rural areas, most of the cigarette smoking they do takes place in the home, or out on the country road while driving in their car. They do not have to worry about not being allowed to smoke somewhere because they have plenty of space to smoke their cig, as opposed to those who live in NYC.
If we leave out the “electronic” element for those who live in the country, then they may think it is simply a different blend and decide to try it out one day.

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