53. Green Movement

I really like this idea of Marlboro Sky becoming a sort of protector of the environment, but not like in a hippie sort of way, but in a way where Marlboro Sky wants to protect America. That approach sits a lot better (politically) with some people other than pushing environmentalism.

So for this segment I took a picture from my trip to Texas, and added a “message” that Marlboro Sky would like to convey to you.
Now the approach of the cigarette is different, and the Marlboro Sky cigarette no longer is seen as a predatory cancer-inducing product but more of a favor. A favor Philip-Morris made to America and it’s faithful Marlboro clients. In an earlier post I discussed how Philip-Morris is now seen as scurvy business who just want your money and don’t care about cancer, but this ad now makes them seem like they care.
They care about the environment, not because they are hippies, but because they love America as much as you love their brand. So it makes it seem as if they did you, and this country as a whole, a HUGE favor.


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