48. The Wall – Final part

So I decided to make old Marlboro ads be the “bricks” that build the wall that Marlboro Sky is trying to break out of. I know that this whole thing seems to be an abstract concept but I chose to use the Pink Floyd concept because cigarettes smokers have typically been a staple of rock & roll. Rock and Roll embodies rebellion, which is something that the Marlboro Sky brand wants to have as a brand element. So instead of using the old school cowboy approach to embody rebellion, I chose the most classic form of rebellion there is…Rock & Roll music.

So now that I have explained it that way, hopefully you better understand the concept behind this whole project. It was a way of trying something new outside of the cowboy while obtaining the goal of the brand image. We still go there! So for my final steps I collected a bunch of old Marlboro ads and had them build up around the blue face as it they were holding Marlboro Sky back.


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