46. I wonder…

One the subject of doodling, I realized that fashion designers, when coming up with a design always start out by drawing their vision out. For some designers this includes what the model wearing the garment will look like. After the garment is created, they work with a stylist to put together an outfit aimed towards the person who would wear such design.
Most designs have strong affiliations with the brand name of the designer, clothing designers, like cigarette brands, represent something about your personality. The person who wears Vivienne Westwood is somebody who is different from somebody who wear Acme, and the person who wear Acme is different than the person who wear Salvatore Ferragamo. The list could go on and on, but where would the Marlboro Sky person fit into all of this? What would they wear? How can we tie clothing in with the cigarette.

So here I created two outfits, one for a male and the other for a female. This is what I imagine a Marlboro Sky smoker would wear, my concept for Marlboro Sky is that it is watered down cowboy, it still has the Americana feel but is up-to-date with all the intricacies of the modern world.

In one of my earlier posts, I made a list of elements that you find in “cowboys,” so I decided to reference that list again and attempt to incorporate those elements into these outfits.

What the Marlboro Sky woman would wear…

The orange dress is reminiscent of a dessert sunset, while her turquoise jewelry is that kind you find out west. I noticed that cowboys wear a lot of fringe, an element borrowed from the Native Americans, so I gave her a fringe purse. I opted to not have her wear cowgirl boots because I found that to be cliche, I figured she would need something more updated and modern. My concept for her is that she is from what we would call “Marlboro Country” but gets along way better in the city.

What the Marlboro Sky man would wear…
I chose to use this younger & more cleaned up picture of John Wayne, because that essentially is the Marlboro Sky man, a young and refined urban cowboy. He wears a denim button up, reminiscent of the denim cowboys wore, and a sand colored blazer that is close to the southwest dirt. Instead of giving him cowboy boots, I wanted to stray away from the typical cliches and update him a bit. A pair of metallic loafers kick his look up a notch and his briefcase makes him ready to take on the city, not to mention he cruises around in a classic American muscle car.


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