44. Marlboro vs. Marlboro Sky…who does what?

So I have decided to do some research and find out what legitimate cowboys actually do out there in the great countryside. It is basically a compilation of what Marlboro does with his day.

Marlboro. . .
– rounds up cattle on the ranch
– does a cattle drive when needed
– carries around bandana/neckerchief to wipe of sweat & cover face when dusty winds blow
– occasionally goes out and hunts for certain animals in order to get food
– always had a pair of jeans and elaborate leather boots to wear
– polish spurs before heading to bed

So now that we have an idea of what Marlboro does with it’s day, what does Marlboro Sky do? What are the daily tasks that Marlboro Sky finds itself wrapped up in?

Marlboro Sky. . .
– rounds up coffee from the local coffee shop to take to fellow coworkers
– organizes a business meeting when needed
– carries around iPhone in order to stay aware of what is going on around.
– occasionally goes out and hunts for the newest restaurants and hot spots to hang out after work is over
– always had the newest and sleekest fashion trends, nothing gaudy, always just right
– downloads new event planning Apps before going to bed

Both seem to have a similarly structured day, both are busy but one is busier in a business urban environment while the other is busy out in the middle of nowhere. I feel like making this list and comparing the two mundane tasks of the brands helps me visualize more of the brand and what I need to give them.


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