41. The importance of research of the “whatever device”

I feel like all the posts I have are pretty emotionally based, they center around a lot of subjects and topics that carry heavy emotions such as music, movies, art, historical events…etc. So when I was given the directive of to tap into my emotions I proceeded with caution because I did not want my posts to turn into an episode from Dallas.
What I did do, which is what I always end up doing, watched the film Thank You For Smoking.
This movie, based on a novel, is about pro-tobacco lobbyists at the height of the health-epidemic. A lot of really great dialogue happens between the characters, but my favorite is the line that happens in the last couple of seconds of this trailer…

“Cigarettes in space?”
“It’s the final frontier, Nick.”
“But wouldn’t they blow up in an all oxygen environment?”
“Probably, but it’s an easy fix. One line of dialogue.’Thank God we invented the…you know, whatever device.'”

Well here you go, the “whatever device” has finally come to fruition…Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes. On a serious note, this isn’t so much a post about being creative but more about learning about your product and understanding the significance of the e-cigarette and what it means to Marlboro, and Philip-Morris as a whole. Being creative is all fine and dandy but you need to do your fair share of research before even beginning to fathom how to be creative to your product. I think the research aspect of the creative process has to do with respect of the brand & interest, along with commitment, in keeping a brand alive.

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