37. Too literal…

In this post I will be taking the term “don’t suck” too literal.

I stopped by the coffee shop that my roommate works at the other day and I heard an arguing couple make a connection that I had never thought of before…
As the couple tried to find a place to sit the girl insisted on sitting outside because she needed to be able to smoke her cigarette if she felt like it. Her boyfriend, clearly annoyed, turned to her and said,
“Jesus, aren’t you supposed to be quitting? You’re like a vampire except instead of feigning for blood you have to suck in cigarette smoke.”
The girlfriend was not pleased with her boyfriends response, but I totally was.
Vampires consume blood to live and without it they die. Smokers need to consume their cigarette smoke; once you are hooked, you feel like without it you will die. I am sure the girl in this story, like most smokers, is heavily addicted to the nicotine and feels like she can’t survive unless she smokes enough cigarettes…just like vampires cannot survive unless they suck in the right amount of blood.
If she had a Marlboro Sky cigarette she would have been able to avoid this nasty little tiff with her boyfriend & enjoy her daily dose of nicotine while sitting inside.

Too bad we have not found a way for vampires to get blood without actually sucking it out of people.
In conclusion, people who smoke Marlboro Sky don’t suck.


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