36. The Wall – Step One

While trying to come up with ideas I put my iPod on shuffle and “Young Lust” by Pink Floyd came on, the song comes from one of their most famous albums…The Wall.
I actually decided to re-watch all the music videos; the music videos lumped together make Pink Floyd’s THE WALL Movie. Unlike Tommy, the rock opera written by The Who, The Wall was not created as a big theatrical event. The Wall was created as a story, in which you can listen to the album but no images are necessary, but in Tommy each song needs visuals and if you were to listen to the album without the images you would be left confused, the visuals go hand in hand with the music. A lot of songs from The Wall can stand alone as hit singles, but when the album and music videos are pieced together it tells the story of a boy trying to break out of the norm and get over “the wall” that keeps him trapped.

The most famous song would be “Another Brick in the Wall, part 2” where all the people who live behind the wall are not encouraged to be individuals, and people are stacked upon each other to create a sense of cohesive normality. This made me think of the Marlboro Sky brand, and how Marlboro Sky is not like the other Marlboro cigarettes, he is trapped behind this wall of “normal” cigarettes and feels the need to escape.
One of the most iconic and yet terrifying images from The Wall Movie would be the face breaking through all of the bricks.
So for my next endeavor I decided to recreate this image, but make it 3-dimensional instead, and also make it so that one can hang it up in the wall (irony, anyone?).

The first step involved creating a face out of paper & gluing it on to a regular canvas. I had to sculpt chunks of tissue paper and then create paper mache (a glue mixture used to create sculptural pieces with paper) to hold the face down.
The Wall - pt 1
I am doing these in different posts because it takes a fair amount of time and waiting, you have to do this sort of task in over a matter of days.
So far, for day one, we are finished and I have to let the sculpted wet paper sit until dry.
Check in on the next few posts and you shall see the next steps.


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