33. So you know where to go?

Gungho Guides was created by Christian Detres as a side project. Detres used to work for VICE magazine & helped found RVA Magazine; he currently resides in NYC and works for BUST Magazine. Upon his relocation he sold Gungho Guides.

Gungho Guides works locally with businesses in Richmond, they go around and review restaurants, stores and other city hotspots that people may be interested in checking out. I really like the idea of creating a sort of pamphlet or guide for somebody who smokes Marlboro Sky.

The pamphlets would be geared towards big cities, and would be called Sky Guides and would feature restaurants that sponsor the guide. We would have to be picky though and only allow restaurants, stores, and tourists sites that fit the Marlboro Sky persona. So places that have a sort of Americana-feel to them without being a honky tonk. We also need to aim the guides to cities that would have a large smoker population. This would be a nice way for Marlboro Sky to slowly inch it’s way back into making smoking a life style.
It would be an easy way for people to interact with the Marlboro Sky brand without being a cigarette smoker, it would make Marlboro sky more useful to people (even those who don’t even smoke). The goal is to keep Marlboro’s brand name floating around while not shoving it down people’s throats.


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