28. Making the official cigarette box

So after some careful thought I decided to go in a completely different direction & combine my two favorite color combinations. I combined the designs for box 1 & 5 and got this…
New Box design
this is what the new Marlboro Sky box design would look like! Nothing too crazy, simple but the cowboy boot design gives this box of electronic cigarettes a new kick (pun intended).
I went ahead and had my dog stand by the box so you can see how big it is.
Greta & Marlboro Sky
These three-dimensional model boxes are pretty big, but I like the idea of maybe throwing them into the furniture collection, we can give them to our clients so that way they can be posted up in bars & other various locations. I am pleased with the design of the box and I think it is fresh but does not stray too far from the original design of the classic Marlboro brand boxes. You can tell that it is still a member of the family.


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