27. Color combinations

So if you have been following my posts then you probably will notice that I have been slowly figuring out how to put together a new design for the Marlboro Sky cigarette box. Marlboro’s package design is a staple, and also indicates what kind of cigarette you smoke. The Marlboro Sky cigarette is indeed a completely different kind of cigarette compared to the rest, it is the first electronic cigarette released by Marlboro, making it the black sheep of the family. So we want the design to be different but not alienating, we want the Marlboro Sky cigarette to feel right at home with all the other blends.

The part that will help me finalize my decision on how to officially design the box will be what color combination I choose. I know for a fact that I want to use black, gold and sky blue but I am not sure in what way. Do I want the whole pack to be black, or do I want it to be blue? I also need to keep the box design compatible with the actual cigarette design.
I had a lot of ideas & possibilities in my head but it is a lot easier to make a decision once I materialize all of my thoughts.

Below you will see all the color combinations I came up with. They each have a designated number and under this picture you will find a description of each of them and how compatible they are with the designs from the previous post (post 26).
1) Design number one is a little out there, instead of having one color in the “V” area of the pack, we have two and these color contrast with the black. If I were to choose this color combination I would nix the cowboy boot design and keep the traditional Philip-Morris emblem. This first color punch seems appropriate for flashy italian mobsters like Lucky Luciano & John Gotti.
2) Design number two walks a fine line between flashy yet humble. I feel like with this design we could either put the cowboy boots on the box or just keep the classic PM Logo, it is pretty neutral. The only downside is that this design is reminiscent of the Blu E-cigarette box created by a different company. We really want Marlboro Sky to stand out and this box may not do the trick.
3) This box would be all black, no color on top. My plan would be to have the cowboy boot design in that bright blue color and the logo of Marlboro Sky in a strong solid gold color. This is more streamlined and really captures the idea that Marlboro Sky is a different member of the family. This design definitely would break from tradition.
4) This design is a bit “racy” and by that I mean, I added a gold racing strip down the middle. For this color option we would have the Cowboy boot design in black placed on the gold area and the Marlboro Sky logo would be placed underneath of it in the same color. This design would only work for the boot logo, it is innovative but definitely not too forward to ruffle feathers.
5) This box is more traditional, and would definitely be a better match for the boot design logo. It keeps the traditional elements of the Marlboro regular cigarettes, but by adding in the image of the cowboy boots we switch it up but not so much that it is a completely new package.
6) This packaging would work with either logo, but preferably the boot design. With gold all over and blue on top, this box of cigarettes really sets the tone. I think the gold establishes that this pack of e-cigarettes is the cream of the crop in the world of electronic smokables. It is obvious but not so much that it offends.


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