26. Arrangement…then colors

I already know how I want to make the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette look like, but the box has been a bit of a struggle and on going process…
So now that I’ve figured out what kind of font I could possibly use, I also went ahead and came up with a little design to put on the box of cigarettes. I went online and downloaded a prototype of a regular plain white cigarette box to use as a base for my design. Now I had come up with the colors I wanted to use for the box; black, gold, and blue.
When I sat down to make the official moves in creating the box I realized that I was feeling indecisive and frustrated . I just got really stumped and could not decide where to use the colors & it was because I had not decided which design I really wanted to use.
So I began fooling around and created some options & font/color combinations.

The first arrangement
So for this first prototype I left the word Marlboro in it’s original font, and then I made the Sky have the rope font. The circle in the picture represents where I would place the image of the boots (look at post 25), and the golden rectangle is where I would put the Philip-Morris Emblem. Now the color of the word Marlboro is subject to change, depending on if I want to make the whole cigarette black or if I want to keep it white. This box gives more space to be creative with the new cigarettes and still holds on to the traditional cowboy image that is synonymous with the brand.

The second arrangement
This second design is a lot more simple, I changed all of the words to be in the rope font, the only thing different would be the colors. The golden rectangle represents the Philip-Morris emblem and it would stay in the place that it has been for so many years. Since this packaging is so simple the pizazz would be based on where we place the colors and how we do it. I could make the pack completely black and leave the words in bright blue, or I could keep it white and have the top part of the pack (the “V” area) have multiple colors.

These two options are the best, I do not want to move the font around anymore because I feel like I would be tampering too much with the “classic” pack design. After mapping them out this way I can now make a better visual decision…but that does not mean I am ready to make my final decision and get started on the box. What I need to do is paint examples of where the colors would go.
My hope is to come up with several possible outcomes and then pair them with these 2 arrangements. The color combination that goes best with one of these design options will be the winner and from there I will create the new box of Marlboro Sky.


One thought on “26. Arrangement…then colors

  1. I think you’ve brought up an interesting debate here: should Marlboro Sky separate itself from Marlboro, or should it hold on to some tradition? The second design holds firmer to the Marlboro tradition, which might help carry Sky along. Then again, maybe Sky should live and breathe on its own. After all, it’s a different beast with a different audience. Plenty of companies do use different packaging designs in different markets. Maybe Sky could do the same?

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