25. Making space on the box

If one were to look closely you would notice that most Marlboro packs have this emblem on them…

It is the Philip-Morris International Corporation logo, and it is on every single box of their product. No matter what kind of blend, this little gold number is one there. So since Marlboro Sky is a different kind of cigarette, I mean it is electronic, then I think it gives us some creative license to tinker with the placement of the emblem…if we want to put it in there at all.
In the previous post, I came up with a new font to put on our pack of Marlboro Sky Cigarettes. So if you like the rope font, then we can keep the gold emblem and just simply change the font. The pack would look a lot more simple and probably blend in with all the other packs.
What if you didn’t like the rope font and wanted to try something else?
In this case I tried figuring out what we could do if we kept the font traditional and minimized the emblem then place it somewhere else on the package, and use that empty space to place a picture of a cowboy or something like that.
So after sketching several ideas, this result turned out to be my favorite option…
Marlboro sky new sketch
So by placing the Philip-Morris emblem in a lower and smaller position on the box that gives us space to put the new Marlboro Sky design. I chose the cowboy boots with the hat hanging off of it for one main reason; it’s gender neutral.
Any male or female can wear a pair of cowboy boots and hat, it is not as audience specific as using the actual cowboy. I think this image is the easiest way to incorporate that rugged cowboy element into this new product. The font was left alone, none of the rope nonsense that we saw in the previous post. This was an aesthetic choice because I feel like if I would have put the rope font alongside the image of the boots…it would be just beyond overwhelming. We need to keep the Americana level up, but the stereotypical “Duck Dynasty” back woods country person out of it.
Less is more with this product, since this cigarette alone could be considered overwhelming. That leaves me with a few other things to think about when it comes to creating the new Marlboro Sky box. Sit tight because our next unresolved issue…the colors of the product.


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