24. Finding the “cowboy” in the brand

I really had a hard time making this product work with the idea of “the cowboy” because, like I established in my other posts, cowboy in the literal sense of the word is not a good selling point especially for this product.
So how can I make the cowboy come out? How can I marry the iconic image of the cowboy with this new cigarette?
I decided that it starts by working on the actual design of the Marlboro Sky box, which is something that I have been struggling with since the project has started. So my solution was to find certain elements of the classic Marlboro Cowboy and incorporate them into the Marlboro Sky box design. So first step in designing the box is the word that says Marlboro Sky.

That is key because once we get that logo going, we can tack it on anything that is involved with the brand or the product. So for the basis of the cowboy I started watching a bunch of my favorite old cowboy movies (no, no spaghetti westerns because I wanted to be inspired by genuine American cowboys…not the Italian made ones).
John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Paul Newmanthe list goes on, and on. With each and every movie I would write down certain things about cowboys & their style that stood out to me.

So here are the elements that stood out the most to me that could be used for the box design:
– leather
– fringe
– rope
– guns
– earth tones
– grit/grunge look to them (like a sweaty brow and a scruffy beard)
– broad square shoulders
– the cowboy boots (more specifically the pattern on the cowboy boots)

So my first attempt to make an improved Marlboro Sky logo & re-design the box was to pick one of these main elements and work it into the design. As soon as I thought of the rope, I realized most of the movies had a rope-like font in the credits. So I decided to tinker with a font program on my computer and came out with this…
Marlboro Sky
The cool thing about using this font is that we all know what the quintessential Marlboro font looks like, it is rigid, slim, and very stiff looking. In a lot of my posts I left the font for the word “Marlboro” alone but I made the font for the word “sky” different. I would use a font that was lighter, smooth and almost visually weightless. In this case I decided to change the font for both. The rope gives it that light flowing feeling that you get from the word sky, but still maintains that cowboy aspect that embodies the Marlboro brand so much.


One thought on “24. Finding the “cowboy” in the brand

  1. I like the thought process behind the typeface selection. I think making it light and airy is a great idea and would be a nice juxtaposition to the Marlboro brand. However, the font is, in my opinion, a little kitschy. Maybe the typeface should tie more into the modern aspect of Sky by incorporating cleaner lines. It could still be friendly without the ornamentation.

    Again, though, this is my opinion! I could be totally wrong. That would just be my personal taste.

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