22. The story of the other cigarettes

When you buy a “pack” of Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes, in reality you are buying a charger box disguised as a run of the mill pack of cigarettes. Inside the box you will have somewhere between 1-3 rechargeable cigarettes.
This is very different compared to a normal pack of un-chargable cigarettes; the pack comes with about 20 cigarettes for your pleasure.
So what happens when you make the switch? What happens to the rest of the normal cigarettes when you buy a box Marlboro Sky cigarettes?
At some museums, specifically art museums, you see installations that feature a story or a segment of images that kind of go together. So here for this next post I will be telling you the story of “The Other Cigarettes”…
These are the cigarettes that you replaced with a pack of Marlboro sky. These are the cigarettes you neglected to smoke & now they roam around aimlessly trying to find a purpose. Here is there story….

Some cigarettes roamed to a coffee shop & tried to be a part of an espresso set in hopes that some coffee lover would find them to be a suitable thing to smoke while drinking their favorite brew.
Coffee Set
One lone ranger tried to become a suitable hair-do for my dog, but alas…cigarettes are not proper hair accessories.
A few of the cigarettes hid out in a shoe collection in hopes of becoming a fashion accessory; to their dismay they were crushed as soon as the shoes were put on and they never reached their full fashion potential.
shoe collection
A few cigarettes tried to return to their roots in the ground and tried snuggling with this basil plant. Yet, tobacco and basil have nothing in common…leading for a shaky relationship.
Basil plant
There was one wise cigarette who decided to join a ghost, why? Ghosts, like blondes, apparently have more fun. Now he is blissfully scaring the shit out of people alongside his ghost friends.

All of these lost cigarettes end up with some sort of ending, happy or not. Also…if a ghost enters your house tonight, remember its the spirit of the cigarette trying to avenge all the wrong that the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette caused.

*the image of the skeleton was inspired by this Van Gogh image


One thought on “22. The story of the other cigarettes

  1. I love these! Personifying each cigarette and giving each one it’s own little story with its own little bored aspirations is great. It sort of reminds me of the Swiffer “forgotten mop” commercials.

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