18. Running water

While at the VMFA, not only did I arrive fashionably late & get heckled by security to leave my tea at the door, but I also did some meditating in the garden area. I was inspired by the little garden area that the VMFA has & I enjoy attending the yoga classes they have up there. I took a few moments to observe the garden and one thing that really struck a chord with me were the juxtaposing elements of the design. You had these free flowing elements, such as the plants and the water, confined to the square, minimal and precise design of the patio area.
What really stuck with me was how the water flowed down the dark square stones. To be honest, all the square edges reminded me of cigarette packs and their boxy shape.
I have yet to come up with a design for the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette box, I already have a design for the cigarette itself, but nothing yet for the box. So for my next project I decided to kind of make my own sort of art installation. In this case I wanted to show how the cigarette box evolves into it’s new elements of design.

I start by showing the pack of cigarettes that is most synonymous with the brand. The square pack is being over taken by the new color it is about to become; black.

The next installment shows the new pack, overtaken by the color, with two new colors melting over it. These new colors are the gold and blue in which I intend to be using in the design that I come up with.
To create this set of images it actually took longer than one might think, I had two separate cigarette boxes. I had to paint on black and let it dry completely & then the tricky part was the lighting and the angles. I had to make sure the paint slowly fell off the boxes and flowed like the water in the garden.

The cigarette boxes represent the flat planes & square design elements we saw in the garden. The colors of the paint melting on to the packs of cigarettes represents the more free flowing elements of the garden; the water and the plants. The plants and water, like the paint on the boxes, can grow & extend in any direction they wish to.


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