23. “Journey to Nimbus”

This post isn’t so much about what I have created, but more about what I have found when it comes to “Museum Mentality” and how it relates to the brand.
I feel like that we are running a creative marathon and can’t really stop, and when one is placed in a position where they need to motivate themselves regularly that means you have to find an element to keep you going.

Normally I am inspired by movies, music & interior design. When given the task to use “Museum Mentality” I had to kind of push outside of the box and try to find another form of inspiration which led to me doing random research on various artists. I snooped around on random art blogs and followed link after link to take a look at the websites and art they had. The artist that struck a chord with me & the Marlboro Sky brand was an Irish lady by the name of Louise Butler.

Her work is relatively well known in Europe and she seems to be moving over to the American lines. The exhibit she did called Journey to Nimbus really made me think of the Marlboro Sky brand. The colors she uses and the element of Sky and its relationship to Earth’s elements.
Take a look at her art & you will be able to see how it sort of ties together.

The main point of this post is that I tried something different and I was able to find something equally as inspiring.


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