19. It has nothing to do with cigarettes

I know we are supposed to create something that involves the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette brand, but this one I felt was necessary to post…
So I found this piece by Pablo Picasso & it features a woman wearing a blue scarf. I was immediately drawn to it because it features a few of the colors I would associate with the brand, namely, the blue in the scarf.
Picasso at the VMFA
After sitting down for a while & trying to figure out how I could use this image to relate to the brand I realized…the lady in the painting kind of resembles my dog.
No I am not joking, my dog & this lady happen to wear similar fashions. So I decided to be-dazzle my dog with a scarf. I could not find a blue scarf so I decided to just use this red one. I know it isn’t the same color but it creates the same sort of effect.
Alright, it is not spot on but I am sure you get the gist of it. My dog kept wiggling in dismay towards me, but put both images together and you have a very bizarre coincidence.

I guess this painting was not as inspiring as I hoped it would have been. Also, now my dog hates me for wrapping her narrow head into a bonnet & propping her up like a human. Oh well, when it comes to this piece it’s as inspiring as I think it is going to get.
At least I made a connection, right? (insert nervous laugh here)


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