20. Borrowing an idea; Marlboro Country

So if you follow Jaguar on Facebook or any of their other social networking sites/blogs every couple of weeks they come out with a segment called “Great Drives.”
These segments take you to various parts of the world & show you how wonderful their roads are for your Jaguar to grace. From Big Bend National Park, Texas to the winding back roads up in the Italian Mountains, Jaguar has got all the “Great Drives” in the world covered.
I really like this idea & in my earlier posts I mentioned how cigarettes and cars have a lot of similarities in the sense that they go with a certain image of a person and their lifestyle.

So my take on “Great Drives” would be to give our clients great places to smoke. Granted, most places in the world are no longer smoker-friendly and it is harder to find areas to sit down and enjoy a generic cigarette but an e-cigarette? That is a completely different story. It is an item that will let you get away with smoking virtually anywhere.
VMFA garden
So for the first segment of Marlboro Country we take you to the VMFA garden. This is just my first post for the segment so I hope to let this segment evolve & find more elaborate places. The VMFA is a good start and it is truly a lovely place to enjoy your clean Marlboro Sky e-cigarette.


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