13. A lost art

For our Point of View directive I was challenged to figure out what does a “thing think of Marlboro Sky?”

I sat down and made a list of objects who would possibly be affected by this new guy in town, I realized that no object would suffer more than the ashtray
Here is a picture of my ashtray, it is made out of marble and is from around the 1950-60’s. It has two notches that safely cradle lit cigarettes. When I started thinking about it, ashtrays are pretty elaborate and there is a sort of art to the design behind them. I mean even the one I own is pretty swanky, I got it at a high-end antique store where they carried other elaborate ashtrays.
Las Vegas ashtrays
Smoking was so common that some ashtrays carried more elaborate designs and were an important part of decorating a home. Ashtrays from Las Vegas are considered to be highly collectible, mostly because they carry the labels and designs from old hotels and casinos that no longer are in existence. A majority of those ashtrays are actually museum pieces and are seen as something representative of the era & the country.
Sadly ashtrays have been the victim of time & indoor/outdoor smoking restrictions. There is no point in having ridiculous designs on them anymore, but they are still practical for people who smoke. Simple ashtrays are still a thing and a necessity for people who smoke and would like to leave their cigarette remains in it’s designated place.
But now that cigarettes can be electronic, ashtrays are obsolete & their demise is inevitable.
So for my point of view I decided to reference Star Trek! Here we portray the Marlboro Sky cigarette as “The Borg” and that the ashtray would be wise to not attempt to fight back because as we all know…“resistance is futile.”
The Borg cigarette is shown moments before zapping the ashtray into smithereens; the ashtray has no escape and realizes its doom was inevitable.

*for those who aren’t into Star Trek here is a link that summarizes what I am referring to.


One thought on “13. A lost art

  1. I guess the ash tray wasn’t worthy of assimilation? 😦

    Sky being the Borg is kind of a double-edged sword here. On one side, it definitely speaks to the hi-tech nature of Sky, which is awesome. But, on the other side, it makes it also seem “anti-rebel,” which is counter to the brand.

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