8. The Golden Era

The Marlboro Sky e-cigarette

Here we have what I would like the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette to look like. A little excessive? I think not, but then again, I love James Bond movies so it makes more sense to me. I just really feel like this cigarette needs to look pseudo-futuristic yet elegant at the same time.

But to be quite honest my real inspiration was not a Bond film!
I was actually inspired by the film Gattaca.

Buick Riviera, from a scene in Gattica

This film takes place in the future, yet a lot of the vehicles, clothing & house decorations look almost like they came out of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The image above is a scene from the film and it features a Buick Riviera.
Director Andrew Niccol chose to use old cars instead of design new ones; reason being that he wanted to avoid sci-fi “futuristic” stereotypes. So instead of having floating cars and space suits, Niccol and a team of designers altered a few classic cars by adding extra wing-tips & had the film’s characters dress in styles that would have been worn in the 60’s.
These aesthetic choices helped make this futuristic world of Gattace a lot more tangible; the audience could relate to the characters more because they were using familiar objects.

My point here is to have our clients realize that this the Marlboro Sky e-cigarette is some-what of a futuristic item, but also remind them that it is still from the classic, familiar & old brand that is Marlboro.
It is clear that when you are looking at this Marlboro Sky e-cigarette that it is, well, simply a cigarette.
The use of gold and the bright shade of blue kick it up a notch and lend the item some novelty without pushing our clients outside of their comfort zone.


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