7. Cocktail of the week: Here’s looking at you kid

Once a week I will come up with a cocktail in honor of a famous cigarette smoker. I have mentioned in my earlier posts that my intention is to create a sort of lifestyle that is associated with the Marlboro Sky brand. We want America to know that this is a completely new & different cigarette, but you can still depend on Marlboro like you always have been. My goal is to balance classic elements of Americana lifestyle and associate them with the new modern Marlboro Sky brand. So here we go…

This week’s honorary smoker is Humphrey Bogart & his drink will be called The Bogart

If you look to the left of your screen you will see an image of Humphrey smoking. Bogart not only was a legendary actor, he was also a legendary smoker. He helped create the archetypal image of a “smoker,” he was strong, calm, serious, collected, and handsome. He also was a legendary fan of alcohol. One New York City bar owner let Bogie leave his tab open for 18-months; that is how often he frequented the place. Enough random facts, now on to the good stuff.

How to make “The Bogart”
you will need…
– bourbon of your choice
– a bottle of Cointreau
– lemon juice
– ice

Take 2 oz. of the bourbon of your choice and pour them into a cocktail shaker. In this case we chose Evan Williams because it’s notes are sweeter and will compliment our next ingredient, Cointreau. Take 1 & 1/2 oz. of Cointreau and pour it into the shaker as well.

Then take a lemon and slice it in half, juice one half of the lemon and pour it into the shaker along with the other ingredients. You can choose to leave the lemon pulp out if you’d like but I prefer to keep it in the recipe since it adds a nice texture to the drink.
After adding all ingredients, shake vigorously and then serve over shaved ice.

Take a slice out of the other half of the lemon and place it on the rim and there you go…

The Bogart is the perfect summer drink to have. Put in your favorite Bogie movie and grab your pack of Marlboro Sky, because nothing goes better with The Bogart than a cool drag from your favorite cigarette.


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