5. Putting the pieces together…

Here is an example of what pieces from the furniture collection would look like if they were placed together. There is a sense of cohesiveness with these items, yet they still can stand alone without the other decor products.

Retro & classic styles are coming back, especially in interior design, fashion, and music. To an extent, the way you design your home gives an indication of the lifestyle that you live. My goal with this furniture collection is to point out that those who smoke Marlboro Sky e-cigarettes live a certain lifestyle; they are people who have all the modern technology we have today yet appreciate the quality and charm of the generations before us.

Cigarettes and cars are similar in the sense that your brand says something about your personality & the life you live. It’s just like that episode of BBC’s Top Gear where they are discussing they “type” of person who would drive a Jaguar and their lifestyle.
Same can be said about cigarettes, somebody who smokes Pall Malls is seen differently as somebody who smokes Lucky Strikes, and somebody who smokes Lucky Strikes probably has a different lifestyle than somebody who smokes Marlboro Sky.

This furniture collection helps exemplify the lifestyle a Marlboro smoker lives, more specifically, a Marlboro Sky smoker lives. This collection spoils our customers.


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