4. A furniture collection brought to you by Marlboro Sky: the decor items.

Now for some people, going out and buying furniture themed like a newly released cigarette may be little too intense.
So I figured maybe the collection could also offer smaller decor items in which people can hang on their walls. I would imagine that these items, would be geared more towards bar owners or people who have a bar in their house.

For this project, I decided to make a three-dimensional model of the classic red cigarette box for people to hang in their homes. Why the red box and not the newly designed Marlboro Sky cigarette box?
This specific item is more for those who are feeling nostalgic, this item is intended to draw the interest in some more. This item represents the “classic” element of Marlboro. It is essential to remind our clients that we are still the same Marlboro brand they have trusted for so many years; it serves as a reminder that not all of our cigarettes are going to turn electronic, you will still have your old option as well.

Watch out though, because in the near future the next item from the furniture collection will feature the newly designed Marlboro Sky box and this item will be able to do more than just hang on your wall…


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