3. A furniture collection brought to you by Marlboro Sky

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This week’s directive was inspired by Sarah Kay, and we were told to list things. While coming up with a new idea I remember how in class we discussed that Sarah Kay mentioned that when starting out you should “do what you know how to do.”

I know how to restore furniture. And so the story begins…
So many iconic American brands have come out with furniture collections or special edition house decor in honor of their anniversary or to celebrate a new item they are releasing. Brands like Barbie and Marvel have all done it, so why not Marlboro?
Retrophiliacs love the nostalgic feel Marlboro brings, it is an American classic. Marlboro Sky runs the risk of tampering with this classic Americana because it’s not really a pure cigarette, its technically a gadget.

The concept is to release a collection of vintage inspired furniture featuring the colors of the Marlboro sky cigarette; so you get that classic feel Marlboro fans look for, but open the door for them to accept the new look of this updated cigarette. We slowly want to butter up our clients by woo-ing them with fanciful furniture. If they like the Marlboro Sky decor, then why not try out the Marlboro Sky cigarette?
If you already like the Marlboro Sky cigarette, then why not indulge yourself in the fanciful Marlboro Sky decor?

How I restored the chair...

I went dumpster diving with my best friend Kevin. We found this horrible beat up desk chair in a back alley and fell in love; it was a diamond in the rough. With some work the chair could easily be brought back to it’s glory days.
Him & I carried the chair to his place and washed it down. The chair was covered in bird crap & the center seat cushion had burn marks all over the leather. The chair was also missing a wheel; so at that moment I made the executive decision to remove the remaining three wheels and reupholster the center part of the chair with all the burn marks.
After a trip to Lowe’s I chose paint colors that were very close to the classic Marlboro Red box, so the chair would be painted in red with gold accents, and the fabric would have red and white polka-dots. I wanted the chair to be vintage-quirky but still feel new.

After reupholstering, I sanded down the arms and legs of the chair and put on two coats of a shade called “Burning Bush.” I later added the gold accents on the wood and stitching. After all the paint had dried I added tassels to the side of the arms, the tassels helped bump the chair up from casual to sophisticated.

The final product resulted in a chair that has all of the colors of the newly released Marlboro Sky cigarettes; the soft faded sky blue alongside the classic red, white and gold. Hopefully this eccentric piece will bring back the novelty to cigarette smoking & spark an interest in the American public again.


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