1. Taking a moment….

The Concept
You know that feeling when you arrive at the beach and take that first breath of sea in? Your airways fill the body with that humid scent of the ocean salt & you feel automatically peaceful.
As if the whole world has stopped, as if you were finally able to get away and find that peace you were looking for.

Smokers experience that same kind of feeling when they light up and have their cigarette of the day. That moment of escape fills the body with just one puff; everything is peaceful and you managed to get away without actually leaving.

My goal with this piece was to make the Marlboro Sky cigarette simple & somewhat mysterious. This ad does not tell you much about the electronic cigarette or all of it’s technical gadgets, but it does intrigue you. It also gives Marlboro a friendlier more relaxed image. So many people like to imagine Tobacco companies as aggressive sharks selling you cancer sticks, but I wanted to flip that image.
With this ad, Marlboro looks like your next ticket out of your hell-hole cubicle. Marlboro is seen as somewhat of a comforting friend who is helping you out in a stressful time of need.

Why Victor Hugo?
The Marlboro Sky cigarette is an electronic cigarette, so it happens to be on the pricier end. Since it is not a “safe” cigarette, due to the fact that it contains nicotine, that also bumps the price even higher. One could easily describe it as a sort of James Bond gadgety cigarette. So that means this product will more than likely be sold to a crowd that has a higher income & the renaissance lifestyle to follow it.

This cigarette is for the person who happens to live in the same apartment building as Jay-Z and Beyone live in. This person will go antiquing because they appreciate the finer things in life but also can afford to visit the Kentucky Derby and place bets galore. This is the person who will probably fly out from New York City to watch the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and then walk around Monte-Carlo’s historic sights in order to appreciate the architecture and post pictures on Instagram. This is the new sophisticate of our times.

This person has all the modern gadgets, yet appreciates the charm and quality of the old world.

The use of the Victor Hugo quote alongside the Marlboro Sky brand creates a sort of subtle juxtaposition between old world charm & new world technology driven lifestyles.


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